Liebherr Diagnostic Software


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Liebherr is a German-Swiss multinational equipment manufacturer based in Bulle, Switzerland with its main production facilities and origins in Germany. It consists of over 130 companies organized into eleven divisions: Earthmoving, Mining, Mobile cranes, Tower cranes, Concrete technology, Maritime cranes, Aerospace and transportation systems.


The Jaltest Off-Highway Equipment Kit comes with everything you need to perform dealer level diagnostics on your cranes and heavy equipment.

Kit contains:

  • Laptop Computer (custom built for speed and ruggedness)
  • Jaltest Link USB Interface
  • Your Choice of 6 Adapter Cables (for connecting to your equipment)
  • Jaltest Off-Highway Software License and 1 year subscription
  • Jaltest Info Online 1 Year License (allows access to fault code troubleshooting, wire diagrams, fuse panel locations, and specifications)


We work closely with our clients and suppliers on every order to ensure you receive exactly what you need. With our Full Service Setup Guarantee we do all of the heavy lifting on our end. All you need to do is open the box, plug into a crane, and start performing diagnostics.


The Jaltest Off-Highway Software currently has full-coverage for all of the following Liebherr cranes:

Last updated May 22, 2024
A SeriesA309
A SeriesA311
A SeriesA312
A SeriesA314
A SeriesA316
A SeriesA900
A SeriesA910
A SeriesA912
A SeriesA913
A SeriesA914
A SeriesA916
A SeriesA918
A SeriesA920
A SeriesA922
A SeriesA924
HS SeriesHS840
HS SeriesHS850
HS SeriesHS870
HS SeriesHS8100
HS SeriesHS8130
HS SeriesHS8200
HS SeriesHS8300
L SeriesL506
L SeriesL507
L SeriesL508
L SeriesL509
L SeriesL510
L SeriesL514
L SeriesL518
L SeriesL524
L SeriesL526
L SeriesL528
L SeriesL538
L SeriesL542
L SeriesL546
L SeriesL550
L SeriesL554
L SeriesL556
L SeriesL566
L SeriesL574
L SeriesL576
L SeriesL580
L SeriesL586
LG SeriesLG1750
LH SeriesLH22
LH SeriesLH24
LH SeriesLH26
LH SeriesLH30
LH SeriesLH35
LR SeriesLR614
LR SeriesLR626
LR SeriesLR636
LRS SeriesLRS545
LRS SeriesLRS645
LRS SeriesLRS Log Handler
LRT SeriesLRT1090
LRT SeriesLRT1100
LTC SeriesLTC1050
LTF SeriesLTF1045
LTF SeriesLTF1060
LTM SeriesLTM1030
LTM SeriesLTM1040
LTM SeriesLTM1050
LTM SeriesLTM1055
LTM SeriesLTM1060
LTM SeriesLTM1070
LTM SeriesLTM1090
LTM SeriesLTM1095
LTM SeriesLTM1100
LTM SeriesLTM11200
LTM SeriesLTM1130
LTM SeriesLTM11050
LTM SeriesLTM1160
LTM SeriesLTM1200
LTM SeriesLTM1220
LTM SeriesLTM1250
LTM SeriesLTM1300
LTM SeriesLTM1350
LTM SeriesLTM1400
LTM SeriesLTM1500
LTM SeriesLTM1750
PR SeriesPR716
PR SeriesPR724
PR SeriesPR726
PR SeriesPR734
PR SeriesPR736
PR SeriesPR744
PR SeriesPR746
PR SeriesPR754
PR SeriesPR756
PR SeriesPR764
PR SeriesPR766
PR SeriesPR776
R SeriesR312
R SeriesR317
R SeriesR914
R SeriesR918
R SeriesR920
R SeriesR922
R SeriesR924
R SeriesR926
R SeriesR930
R SeriesR934
R SeriesR936
R SeriesR938
R SeriesR944
R SeriesR945
R SeriesR946
R SeriesR950
R SeriesR954
R SeriesR956
R SeriesR960
R SeriesR966
R SeriesR970
R SeriesR976
R SeriesR980
R SeriesR966B
RL SeriesRL44
RL SeriesRL46
RL SeriesRL54
RL SeriesRL56
RL SeriesRL64
RL SeriesRL66
T SeriesT32-7
T SeriesT32-7S
T SeriesT33-10S
T SeriesT35-6
T SeriesT35-6S
T SeriesT36-7
T SeriesT36-7S
T SeriesT41-7
T SeriesT41-7S
TA SeriesTA230